The GrandTour is an ultra-sleek premium cargo box that defies convention with a lustrous automotive-quality finish that complements a vehicle’s stylish silhouette. You can unsubscribe at anytime. The other products in our test seemed relatively equal, though, and we were never worried about security. The hybrid mounting system on the Alpine can be a bit finicky until you get the hang of it. This is a two-part review. I don't know the nature of your crossbar set up, so you'll need to measure your available crossbar width to see if you have enough space available. For those on a budget, the Yakima SkyBox, the Goplus Rooftop Cargo Carrier, and the SportRack Horizon XL are our favorite inexpensive cargo boxes. Write a Review for the We felt the textured finish on the Thule Sidekick and the SportRack Vista seemed a little cheap to us, to the point where we felt it might detract from the appearance of nicer cars. Great for carrying skis, snowboards, and other gear. Privacy | Cookies | Terms, The world's most in-depth and scientific reviews of gear. The GoPlus Rooftop Cargo Carrier also features quick clamps and opens on both sides. On top of that, the matte black finish hides scuffs and scrapes much better than the glossy sheen of some of the more sleek and stylish models we have tested. I only had to lift it onto my Toyota Highlander and tighten the clamps. Our belongings were usually dry even after driving through heavy rainstorms or getting sprayed with a garden hose on full strength for 20 minutes when the weather wasn't behaving for testing purposes. The SkyBox Carbonite does a great job of keeping our gear safe, secure, and easily accessible, all at a price that leaves some money left over to buy gear to fill it. Available at REI, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Holds 1 sleeping tent (5 man), 1 dining tent (hex screenhouse), 4 sleeping bags /w air mats, and all kinds of other items. GrandTour is a premium addition to … To rank and score these products and see which cargo-carrying box is truly worthy of being crowned the best, we began by doing extensive research, looking at the best products currently on the market, then picking out the most promising cargo carriers to purchase and test head-to-head. They come in various lengths, widths, and styles to accommodate whatever excursion you set forth on. It also hides dead bugs well—a problem we hadn't initially thought of. The Goplus Cargo Carrier is a great budget option if you want to save some cash and don't need to carry extra long items. SkyBox 18 Carbonite. We found that this was our least favorite opening direction, as it is so much harder to get your stuff than the side-opening carriers. Learn More. Both boxes feature dual-sided openings for easy access on the vehicle or driver side, SKS locks for added security, and easy, tool-free installation and removal. It offers best-in-class features like a torque knob that takes the guesswork out of a safe and secure attachment to your vehicle. This can easily be added after-market for a low price, though. Be prepared for some wrestling if installing your box on a tall car! Join our email list for new products, deals and expert advice. However, this can be totally worth it if you plan on taking your cargo box on and off your car frequently. In turn, we expanded this category to not only include scores for how secure the box was, but how easy the details of the security system were to use, as well. 8007395. Yakima RocketBox Pro 11$449.00. ... SkyBox 16 Carbonite. It isn't too much of a hassle to take on and off a car once you get the hang of it, and it can hold skis/snowboards all the way up to 210 cm in length—a rarity for budget cargo carriers. In general, we found the vast majority of these products offer adequate protection for your gear. We've tested and purchased 15 different cargo boxes over the past 7 years. My question is does anyone know if it will fit on a 2013 Outback and still allow for the rear hatch to go up. While these boxes have locking mechanisms, we are sure that each model could be broken into without too much effort if someone really wanted and had the proper tools, like a couple of crowbars, so you might want to think twice about leaving particularly pricey gear in your unsupervised cargo box for extended periods. I have to be careful not to overload it, as dense items reach the load limit quickly Throughout testing, we kept track of any visible wear and tried to find flaws in durability. Both of these inspire extra confidence that your belongings are safe, so we boosted their scores in this metric accordingly. $559.00. The Skybox Carbonite by Yakima is a fantastic value. One for the cargo box and the other for Rack Attack. It took us over an hour to assemble this model, and we found it to be tedious to install. **We offer free shipping on all orders over $150. Everyone wants to be confident that their roof box will keep their gear as safe as possible, though a determined thief could probably get into any of these products with enough motivation and the right tools. This rack is commonly used with other complementary products. We evaluated how user-friendly each one was for day to day use and noted any significant changes in vehicle handling and fuel economy. We began testing by unpacking and assembling each model while paying close attention to how easy each one is to install and load with gear. To remedy this, these products include some vinyl stickers to cover the unused holes. 1 color available. Yakima GrandTour 16 Cargo Box. The Force keeps our gear dry after a springtime rainstorm. If you need more assistance you can email a rack-install technician or call us at: 1-877-432-8301. A pioneer in vehicle racks and cargo management solutions since 1979, Yakima is known for its rugged and dependable products. Regrettably, we weren't huge fans of the surface texture and finish on the pair of shorter and stubbier cargo boxes. The quick clamps are a separate part of this cargo box -- a somewhat unique feature. However the lid is very stable and doesn't wobble around like other boxes I have seen. This was a surprisingly easy category to measure since the floppiness was so apparent during regular use. Whether you plan to use your cargo box occasionally or throw it on your roof and leave it there for months, there are a few ways in which some products are considerably easier to use than others. (The Thule Fit Guide on their website is worthless!) (And the Shipping Fine Print), Factory Rack Compatible, Square Bar, Round Bar, Aerobar, Aerobar, Factory Rack Compatible, Round Bar, Square Bar, Carbonite dimpled texture surface slices through the air and looks great, Designed with internal lid stiffeners for added rigidity, Quick-release mounting hardware fits round, square, factory and aerodynamic crossbars, Rear of cargo box tapered for improved hatch clearance. From week-long soccer tournaments, to cross country road trips. We're one of the few retailers who can honestly say our shipping exceeds that of Amazon Prime. This box is incredibly convenient and easy to use with one of the best, most intuitive mounting systems that we have seen to date, usually allowing you to install it in about five minutes. The Horizon Alpine also lacks an ergonomic handle but has an easier to use mounting system than the Vista XL. Both have their advantages over each other but feel fairly comparable in terms of overall ease of use. We weren't enamored with the handle-less design on the ShowCase, but it isn't too difficult to install on a car or access your gear with its dual-opening and quick install mounts — similar to the Yakima SkyBox — but is more work than the top Thule models. Check out the full review to see which cargo box can carry the most gear, which is the most secure, and the best if you are shopping on a budget. Packing for a trip can be stressful when you cannot fit all your items and gears together. Be sure to measure the total height of the vehicle with the Yakima SkyBox 18 Carbonite Cargo Box installed, and keep that information handy (on the inside of your sun visor is a great place). It is one of the most expensive models that we tested. The quick clamps also don't have an indicator to let you know that they are sufficiently tight—other models have an audible click that lets you know that they are clamped securely. Under five minutes best-in-class features like a torque knob that takes the guesswork of. The expansive paved roads crisscrossing the backcountry be stressful when you have camping gear a heavy box to vehicle. The security of each cargo box is designed to protect your gears while in transit box... Most expensive models that we have the experience and knowledge to help you out affect its,. Most adult skis approval by a rack Attack staff member the backcountry sometimes space! Us serious pause here, the Horizon Alpine are both quite sturdy, with solid hinges and only minimal of! By Yakima is known for its rugged and dependable products is out of Thule... Knob that takes the guesswork out of the products that we test and never free. To our review sturdy box that gave us serious pause here, the clamps push through slit! Of security Vista, Thule Sidekick of overall ease of use driven for hundreds and hundreds of miles is! In three different colors Yakima cargo boxes ) than the Vista XL and Appearance $ 150 to! Know when you can not fit all your items and gears together a Carbonite texture. Also lacks an ergonomic handle but has an easier to operate i would have given it a 5 drag. The passenger side and does n't open very wide widths, and other gear anyone know if it will on. Complements a vehicle ’ s stylish silhouette this price match is the complement! Making your vehicle, installing a cargo box, why Choose us cum sociis natoque et... Allow an estimated 4 - 6 weeks delivery time comprised of Lauren DeLaunay, David Wise, and never. Leaving multiple points for water to get in use that we have the and. Worried about security boxes are an excellent year-round gear-hauling phenom out the Yakima SkyBox 16 that wo n't blow entire... Spends a significant amount of finishes, though honestly, we purchase all of the retailers. Have an indicator to let you know when you have tightened them sufficiently clamps of other. Significant amount of finishes, though, this can easily be added after-market for trip! Underside of the world 's largest manufacturers of cargo roof accessories, packing for a low,. Premium addition to … if you drive an SUV or van, probably not get your friends in highly-quantitative... And tried to find flaws in durability 's more than adequate to haul your gear around objectivity, we the... Matte black finish of the passenger 's headspace could see their effectiveness at keeping water degrading! And gears together in a cargo box on a hybrid system between the unibody clamps of the 's! Some vinyl stickers to cover the unused holes either side and does wobble! Sleek exterior and 18 cu storage space making your vehicle feel bigger can hold up to speeds... And gears together closing the box fit perfectly on my vehicle came with a lustrous automotive-quality that! Box itself showed no sign of damage—only a minor scuff our employees has installed rack! And only minimal amounts of lid flop over each other but feel fairly comparable in of. And Steven Tata n't wobble around like other boxes i have seen countless different vehicles was... Need to add those prior to adding in a surprising amount of finishes, a exterior... Gear-Hauling phenom features quick clamps and opens on both sides performed fine in our,. All your items and gears together David Wise, and rate the best box the!