Arm Wrestling Compilation of FFVII urged to turn back. How do I get in the special battle at the Golden Saucer? Located on the second floor of the arcade, G-Bike is an exact replica of the mini-game you played escaping from the Shinra Building on disc one. To play you simply need to build up strength by holding the circle button, and then releasing it when you’re ready to throw the ball.   Super Dunk A violent uprising. The two floors are circular, but the floors are not aligned and the top-floor hangs over the edge of the first in an external view. The best trick in this game is to use your sonar heavily to locate the nearest subs and to attack them from behind. Prizes Next to the Arm Wrestling unit and behind the employee who exchanges GP for prizes is the Wonder Catcher, a game of chance. Press Clippings Not if you want the most materia slots. Also, I'm playing the downloadable version from the PSN store on my PSP. Article Archive Points are awarded for technique (thirty in total), time (thirty in total) and balloons (forty in total) for a maximum of one hundred points. Introduction by Reeve, August 2004. Arm Wrestling Many of these allow you to replay events from the main game including G-Bike (the Midgar escape minigame), snowboarding (similar to the snowboarding minigame at Icicle Inn), and the submarine game (like the one during the Huge Materia chase). Shinra Times Jul 18, 2013 @ 7:29am Cheat or Easy way to make Gil? ? Super Dunk costs 200 gill a play. This area also contains entrance to the two-story building that houses numerous attractions, accessed from a raised corridor. Gold Saucer: Easy arm wrestling win From: Dsaraliz. //-->, Site and design © 1998-2017 The FFVII Citadel. Once you've achieved the rank Good for each course, a yellow balloon will appear at the start of each track that will activate time attack mode. This virtual fighting game found in the centre of the second arcade floor is actually rock, paper, scissors in disguise and costs 200 gill a go. Some graphics property of Square Enix. Send queries to:,