Just wanted constant attention. Teaching your boxer puppy loose-leash walking is a commendable choice. Mostly it’s their hip and bones that are problematic. Some times when she gets too excited, she pees a little which is an easy clean. Best dogs out there in my opinion! And then pull to sniff again. A Boxer should have a brisk ( 20 minutes for a puppy, 30 minutes to 45 minutes for an adult) walk each day, given that the temperatures and weather are not extreme. Ever since he was a puppy, he would always follow me around and focus on me. When I first met Charli she was very skiddish on her walks; she kept her tail sunken for most of the walks during a few days of the first week. They are super sweet and fun to have in the house. They aren't interested in everything around them, and tend to pick and choose what they want to take interest in. She loves to sniff around and see new places. This is my first ever dog and I'm in my 50's . The dog I walked is only a puppy so he is extremely hyper. If they’re not walking their dogs every single day, they ask, does that make them bad pet owners? For check-ins and play dates. They have tons of energy and love to play with toys but they are amazing on the leash. Fully grown Boxer dogs weigh 55-75lb (25-32kg), which is about the same as a nine-year old child. Very playful dog and extremely energetic. Ears can be thin and flat, or cropped. Once we return home, if we happen to pass another dog, Athena will start shaking from excitement, but she’ll also be a little afraid. Cooper is a three legged boxer the is really cute. He ran most of the walk, so I was jogging as well because I wanted him to release that energy and have an enjoyable walk! From past experience, i would say boxers can be very stubborn. Have to be taken on long walks/runs to keep them healthy. We are truly become best friends and I am so thankful to be able to start this growth with her. Not aggressive but moreso like “whooooo, are you?” Hahah once they like you and trust you though total and complete sweet hearts who’s loyalty is yours. It can seem and sound a little scary when they're all playing together when they growl and bark and show their teeth at each other however there is a big difference between when they're playing and when they're actually angry. Dog Collars And Leashes; Dog Leash Training; Training Collar; HARNESSES. The Boxer’s enthusiasm to be with people is un-matched. See more ideas about dog walking, doggie style, editorial fashion. Others say they are of European origin, and might be related to the Dogue de Bordeaux of France. Boxers are a steadfast and devoted friends to their owners. Our diagram below gives a rough guide to how much exercise each breed of dog needs, but every dog is an individual and may be different to other dogs of the same breed (one might love a long walk, while the other prefers running and playtime, for example). She has travelled across the country with us though. Walks during the summer days should be scheduled in early morning to avoid taking the dog out in extreme heat or sunny conditions. Weary of strangers and truly fearless when she feels we are being threatened. This is another dog I’d love to have as a pet. There is a dog flu that seems to be going around and unfortunately she caught it. She is rescue and her owner has had her since September of 2017. She was so sweet loving and no one could ask for a more perfect dog. The black nose and blunt muzzle have become a distinctive feature of the breed. I would definitely own a boxer. This dog is full of energy and playfulness, and will need lots of daily exercise and games to keep them occupied. It was super fun to walk this dog, however I was concerned about holding the leash tight. I usually cross the street to avoid them and to keep the boxer from getting over-excited. A very high energy dog. Boxers also are pack animals and need lots of love and attention, so I try and talk to them on the walk and you can see on their facial expressions as well as their body language they really enjoy it when I talk baby talk and keep my tone excited and upbeat! Boxers are the sweetest dog and just want to be close to their humans! Boxers are easily the best breed of dog I have ever had! They have lots of energy and loves to jump around and be silly. Remember that retraining a rescue dog to walk … Whenever your dog needs a walk. Angel was born on my bedroom floor and she was the very first all white boxer we ever seen so we decided to keep her. The boxer I walk is older and doesn't move too quickly. They are also jumpers, as was previously noted, so being greeted by them jumping all over you or your guests is a given. Duke was still a pup at about 9mo. He did pull a lot, as well as other dogs do too but just shorten the leash and say heel and make them walk with you not in-front or behind and they tend to pick it up quick, I'd say quicker than most breeds. Despite her athletic build, once we start walking she’s a surprisingly reluctant walker. Book with pet sitters you can trust. She was able to walk by other dogs no problem. I got Kona from a family that was having their 1st ever boxer litter when she was about a 7 weeks old. The Boxer is a medium to large, short-haired breed of dog, developed in Germany.The coat is smooth and tight-fitting; colors are fawn, brindled, or white, with or without white markings.Boxers are brachycephalic (they have broad, short skulls), have a square muzzle, mandibular prognathism (an underbite), very strong jaws, and a powerful bite ideal for hanging on to large prey. Almost like a hound dog sniffer. Also cannot trust her out if I’m gone just yet at 1 year old. I taught him jump, speak, sit, down, play dead, leave it (where he doesn't get the treat), kiss, up (which he puts his front paws on my arm), drop it (only deals with anything other than treats, those are gone in a second), stay, give me your paw, wave, and fist We even met up with friends of her own and joined them in the doggie park (owner approved). Most agree that the Boxer is a cousin of all Bulldog breeds, which are ancestors of the Molossoid breed, bred by the Greco Romans for war. Because of their short hair, boxers require very minimal grooming, with most of the focus being on the nails. A brush every few days should keep the shedding to a minimum. What worked for us was having a pet corrector spray near the door. My boxer had high energy and loved to play at the park. The medium-sized Boxer’s muscular and agile body was developed for quick reflexes and strength during hunting and baiting. PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness. I’ve walked a lot of them and have noticed each is weary when I’ve come in. There can also be white markings, or in rare cases, the coat can be entirely white. Boxers are incredibly friendly, energetic dogs. He liked sniffing around a lot as well. They know the drill and do not fight to get ready to go outside. Nala is the sweetest boxer i have ever met. So, positive reinforcement are key to training even if it's just during your walk. It was a very tiring, yet fun experience! If you have a dog you should walk your dog at least two times a day for at least thirty minutes on each walk,if you can do more the better. This will get him used to wearing it and should reduce the chances of him jumping up and going crazy when you put the leash on to take him out for a walk. Being a self-groomer, the Boxer is an easy dog to keep, needing minimal grooming. She was never aggressive, always very playful and full of love to give! Most boxers are just like this! She was very active, very affectionate, very playful and full of energy. Drop-In Visits. Search, discover and share your favorite Boxer Dog GIFs. Start out by letting him get used to wearing a collar or harness and a leash. It was fun to see with another boxer. They remain calm and focused. I know that I noted earlier about boxers sensitive stomachs, if you happen to walk one and they don't have poop bags or just have one tied to the leash, bring at least three to four poop bags because they usually go about three to four times on a walk or during a walk. The dog will begin favoring the non-injured leg and it may appear to be boxer hip pain, although the issue is in the CCL. Professional Education for Dog Walkers Just Got Easier. Give your Boxer dog a weekly once-over with a grooming brush, and they’ll lose even less hair around your house! She liked to jump on u and give u kisses. we were waking like allways and he stop and bark because there was a man with a gun. I have 2 boxers 1 8year old male and 3 year old female I just love this breed They just always want to play or lay on your lap 70 pound. She really makes the day way brighter and fun. She pulls quite a bit, but listens very well to the commands she knows. It's been such a great adventure while it's only been a few months with her. Bred for chasing wild game, this dog will benefit from jumping and running challenges. Boxers will need good walks every day, if you have the time, and you can have a friend who knows your dog – and who knows how to lead – do it if you’re busy one or more days. With enough exercise, this active dog can thrive even in an apartment setting. She's always very excited to meet new people and dogs on walks, to the great delight of everyone we meet. I know, I know, most people say that with their pets. This obviously caused more pulling and some jumping up, so remember to pay attention while walking this athletic breed. I always walk near the park where there is plenty of bushes and grass to smell around to satisfy her doggy needs. Boxers love people and are super great with kids. I could tell that he was trained very well and he would look at me in the eye when I spoke to him so I can tell he knew what I was saying. But for me, Diego has brought sunshine back. She also is very intuitive about people and isn't fond of some. The Boxer I had the opportunity to walk was still a pup, around 9 months old. When I was ready to get to my own pup, I knew I had to get a boxer because they are so lovingly and loyal. It also makes an ideal present for Boxer Dog owners, or men, women, or kids who love dogs. Maybe it was because he was still young, but he didnt care to keep marking things like most other male dogs do. Best freind ever & always at my side.There is no love like the love of a boxer. Most of all he loved to play with children and people in general. The Boxer that I walked was hard to control at times when she was overly excited, but she was very active and fun to play with. My dog is a friend and better than family. Wine And Walking Boxer Dog Gift. They can also be trained in a short period of time. He knew two commands in his life and it was hard to teach him anything new (he was eleven years old). I have walked two boxers on the regular and they have been some of the sweetest dogs I have had the privilege to work with. Only thing that puts a damper on them as a pet owner, is their health declines fairly rapidly after age 8. bump. If the dog is well trained he/she will love to say hello to everyone you pass. Therefore, early obedience training is highly recommended. [With the owner’s permission!]) It took him a while to warm up to me but he was not aggressive at all. He was very smart and well with children from the looks of it. From my experience, boxers are very sweet and friendly, and love being active. Smart and obedient to your commands. Playing fetch with a ball is a Boxer’s favorite activity behind being with its People. When he hears bath he takes off running. Boxer dogs in the later stages of life may be vulnerable to degenerative myelopathy, a neurological disease that affects the dog’s ability to walk. Due to their breed’s heritage as a hunting dog, they have a high prey drive and tendency to chase. Running in a yard, or daily walks, can help to satisfy this need, but be sure to have a fence as their drive for prey is high. Finally, as our playtime together comes to a close, Athena will give my face a few hundred licks, curl up next to me on the couch, and silently thank me for showing her a good time. I was very impressed with this boxer when we ran together because he ran by my side. He loved to give kisses and to be pet. . Boxers are intelligent and tend to learn things quickly. This can be just once a day, or two walks a day would be better if your schedule allows. As you head out the door, make sure you go first, and your dog follows. She gave me lots of kisses, and had a lot of energy. They are giant goof balls that love attention. All of the boxers I've walked have been very excited when I arrived and usually will jump up on you to say hello. Make yourself the Alpha dog, especially during leash training. My big baby has been the light of my life. Boxers can be walked with a flat collar and leash, as long as they are trained. She is also crate trained and loves her bed. The boxers I Have walked have been friendly to me but I do not put it past them to fight when needed. I highly recommend boxers if you are high energy, in need of companionship and have a lot of love to give. Kona is a bigger jumper which was new to me as my other boxers rarely jumped, especially when excited if we’re going to play fetch or frisbee. © 2020 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. Since then, this sturdy canine has gained popularity throughout the world for their loyal, playful, and energetic nature that makes them an ideal family dog. She'd love going on long walks and even going to the dog park to play fetch. She can easily go 30-60 minutes on a walk. They do drool a lot, which concerned me that the dog was being overheated, so we took a few breaks, but the pup showed excitement so we carried on and had a great walk! She loves to greet me with hugs and kisses every time i see her. This usually suffices but still, boxers got some real energy! They could be trained, but mostly with treats, and would get bored of the training quickly. How much exercise your dog needs depends on their breed, age, health and personality. Which if they do I always let the owner know because of health issues. While a decent size with a big bark, boxers are also scaredy cats, sometimes afraid of their own shade. Today, a simple blood test can detect whether a Boxer is likely to develop this difficult-to-manage condition. It's good to know that the younger boxers need this kind of playtime with their friends in order to get rid of extra energy. Make sure that he heels all the time, not just for half the walk. I’m so grateful for my wonderful genuine loving compassionate boxer Diesel. The simplistic design is attractive because it’s effortless to put on your Boxer. She really loves to chew, and having a stick seems to make her forget that we are doing her least favorite thing - walking. PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness, No Pull Dog Harness – Perfect for Leash & Harness Training – Stops Pets from Pulling and Choking on Walks – Works with Small, Medium and Large Dogs 4.4 out of 5 stars 19,319. They are energetic and playful while young, and tend to become calmer after a few years. Boxers are extremely strong dogs and will pull like crazy to sniff the grass or if they get excited about a squirrel or bird. These breeds do best when a family member is home during the day or if you can take the dog to work. Brooklyn has a winning personality, an adorable face, a never-ending bag of funny antics, and a complete lack of bias toward interactions with strangers and new dog friends. When you’re walking your Boxer, make sure that you are walking him, and not the other way around. She can not swim, which I found out the hard way while cottaging. She is a very simple girl. On our way home she was particularly excited to say hello to so neighbors with whom she is friends as well as a neighbor dog. It is imperative that your dog always treat you as his master and have no control over you. Also be careful in doggie parks, boxers have great legs and can easily get over fences if something peaks their interest. I have found most boxers to be great family dogs that have a great balance of loving to cuddle and play inside, but also loving to run around outside or go on hikes. He is now registered as my emotional support animal and is my 24/7 constant companion. A Boxer is an awesome sight, and a forever kid. Never barks without reason, best hearing guard dog hands down.House broken within days of positive training and not once in 14 years has she messed the house, not once. They lover to jump and bark, but are not mean. Our first Boxer was bred in Hungary and was also 100lbs and very large but brindle and his previous owners cropped his ears. Little Minnie just a young pup was quite a doll for her first walk! Having great watchdog abilities, a Boxer will bark every time … We run back and forth or play fetch. Also, I noticed when bringing them to the park boxers can get so excited that it can cause them diarrhea. Boxers tend to be more calm in nature. I love nature and outdoors and she has done well with this but is still very sensitive to extreme temperatures. That being said, they are very friendly to children and if taught, adapt well to strangers. The boxer I walked was so sweet, but he wasn't too smart. They will find fun in everyday things. Very loving to our freinds and family. The Boxer breed was developed in early 19th century Germany to be a bait and fighting dog, as well as a loyal guardian. They learn quickly so one or two sprays are enough to deter them in the future and you may only need to hold the spray can for him to see it and back off. They were strong and would pull a lot. After meeting Charli, I looked more into walking reactive and anxious dogs. Dog Walking. Boxers get their name from the fact that when they play with you, they sometimes will stand on their hind legs and move their front paws in a boxing motion. If we should meet a cat - oh, the glory of the day can’t be matched! Easy going. Sometimes it's difficult to get their leash or harness on because of how excited they are and they have a hard time sitting still and being patient, especially if they're kept in a kennel while their owner is out. Secure a leash to your Boxer puppy when you are at home. However, my Boxer that I had growing up did run away a few times, so I would be careful not to let your Boxer off-leash. Such a lovely dog to walk! She is affectionate with people, including children, but doesn't care much for other dogs. They love a good jog through the park. A boxer that does not get enough exercise is more likely to display hyper behavior such as jumping, barking, mouthing and rough play. The Boxer I walked was particularly excitable and energetic- more so than most Boxers I know. While at the park, the Boxer loved to seek out squirrels. I told her owner, Wes, and he was surprised because she has never pooped with him on a walk. They will stand on their hind legs in order to gain a better view of whatever has caught their attention. As we navigated through the many dog pens containing Boxers we saw these eager dogs jumping four feet into the air like they were on pogo sticks. Doggy Day Care. They bond with one family though and also serve as good guard dogs as they will always announce when a stranger is at the door. Then leave the leash on him for an hour or two each day. The strong, muscled and agile body of this dog was ideal for these jobs, until bull baiting and dog fighting were outlawed. I took over training Thorny which was very different than our first who was abused and we rescused at almost 7 mons old. but they are adoring, playful, entertaining pups which would make any home a happier place. This is a built-in superpower that Boxers have and should you ever get one, the friends you have over will remark at the paw prints that made it six feet high on your sliding glass doors. They do have minds of their own, and can become bored of repetitious commands. This boxer was very sweet,he immediately greeted me with the infamous boxer butt wiggle. The obey commands and make for a smooth walk. Every time is snows or gets cold, he has an accident or four. I’ve never put her in there for punishment and she goes to it as her safe space (during thunder storms or really, really tired). My boxer is very nervous around strangers, not aggressive at all, but keeps a safe distance until he decides you're okay. They love to jump that is probably the hardest thing to train them to not jump on people. I recently started walking Charli about 2 weeks ago. Obviously, Boxers don’t enjoy being left alone. Cappy has been a good dog. He willingly went on the walk with me but was on guard for strange things all the time. Corrections worked somewhat, but for the majority of the walk, the Boxer looked to lead the way. Find out about training, behavior, and care of Boxers and dog breed mixes. The Boxer is a playful, affectionate, and easygoing breed that bonds closely with their family. I've had nothing but good experiences with boxers! Boxers are wonderful! They can be very excited, which may come off as aggressive to those who aren't familiar with the breed. Brooklyn wasn't feeling well when we walked, but no-one would ever have guessed it. Straight front legs and curved, broad back thighs give them a square build. The leader goes first, and that’s you. Boxers also enjoy running and to see one in full gallop, is to see elegance in motion. Only pulled the leash a little, very polite. The tail is generally docked. Baths should only be as needed, as too much bathing can remove the skin’s natural oils. She is my psd service dog. It was the best they are mushy and very playfun. Then offer him a treat and praise him. So, pay attention to the notes the owner has left. We got Thorny at 7wks old, 9 mons after our first Boxer boy passed from cancer complications at 10yrs old. Daytime pet care in your sitter’s dog-friendly home. By the time Thursday came during the first week she began to wag her tail more during our walks and she pooped for the first time while walking. As such, they should not be permitted to run loose, but will do fine on a leash or in a secured area, like a fenced-in backyard or dog park. Boxers also don’t listen sometimes. Charli is a boxer mix. The boxers I had had really high energy and would bark at every other dog along a walk. A lead dog is not relaxed, he’s mentally leading the pack. Extreme temperatures are not ideal for this short-coated breed, and prolonged exposures to very hot or cold weather can lead to bodily stress. EVERYTHING moving distracted him, runners, cars, people talking, leaves blowing. I helps to bring treats along incase you need to distract them or guide them to a better walking area. We worked on the common tricks (sitting, lying down, and shaking hands), but also had the opportunity to work on more advanced tricks (spinning around, standing up, and jumping through the hoop). General maintenance includes brushing teeth twice a week, trimming nails to prevent cracking and splitting, and cleaning ears of debris regularly. Boxers are loud. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. He's very happy and excitable with people he knows, and has a lot of energy. Long, sloping shoulders meet a distinctly arched neck that smoothly blends into a straight, short back. Boxers are smooth and graceful, and very powerful. That's also why I love boxers so much because they have such great and hilarious personalities. They’re really goofy and playful but can be serious and too themselves when they want. They are not aggressive with other dogs but do not really seem too interested in socializing with other dogs as other breeds I have walked. He loves giving kisses and was very well behaved. As you head out the door, make sure you go first, and your dog follows. She loves family and I am pretty sure she thinks her and I are attached at the hip. Read more dog walking tips and advice on DogWalker.com. Boxers have very high energy. She had a lot of fun on the walk, and I could just see how happy she was the whole time. He should heel, and let you lead the way at all times. Athena will pull to sniff closer and closer to the cat, then suddenly pull back in abject terror. They're big but very clearly not aggressive and just getting a little physical out of excitement. I noticed if you put your hand up and just tell them to stop, he seemed to listen. We got a taste of what was in store for us when we picked him up at an all-Boxer specialty dog show. Boxers are known to be great with children and in our experience this also proved to be true. I walked a female boxer a couple of times and she was great and full of energy. Yes, I believe they are stubborn (not just Athena! Jan 6, 2017 - Explore Shady Oaks 1812's board "Glamorous dog walking", followed by 316 people on Pinterest. She is perfect and has saved my life! She has always been very agreeable and easy to get along with. Boxer was very subdued. That’s your job, not your Boxer’s. We love him very much, but we have some issues with severe itching. Repeat as often as need. I've walked more than a couple boxers and each of them had LOTS of energy, strength, and love to give! The boxer I walked with was very friendly. They like to jump on people though because they are prone to over excitement. She loves most people and animal, however, is territorial of other dogs and her family. I love her deeply and would not want to let anyone else walk her. Boxer dog weight. He would throw fits and tantrums. The young Boxer was a very sweet dog. The boxer I walked was a total goofball. If you let him walk ahead of you, then he is the decision-maker, not you. We would go on runs together instead of walk! He likes to jump and chase the cats. He has also been very bright. Tiara; Bow Tie; Easy Go; Dog Bikini; Dog Bandanas; DOG TOYS. The boxer I walked, was a beautiful animal. Boxers are such great dogs. boxer dog apparel, boxer dog men funny, boxer dog christmas, boxer dog christmas, boxer dog girl, boxer dog women, boxer dog dad, boxer dog, boxer dog girl, boxer dog women, boxer dog christmas, boxer dad, boxer dog lady, boxer dog dog owner, boxer dog dad, boxer halloween, boxer dog yoga, boxer dog kids. If your dog is high-strung and hyper, it may mean that he’s not getting enough good exercise. It’s all so exciting and scary! Because she is so willing to listen and is particularly toy-driven, integrating tricks into her play time is quite easy. As long as they are descendent of the walk for around the block super friendly and hyper, may! Her deeply and would not want to be close to their humans it ended being. Could ask for a family member is home during the day way brighter and fun a... Brush every few days should be 30 to 45 minutes daily walking your Boxer ’ natural! To the great delight of everyone we meet a fantastic companion for a fast pace, they allergies! Day through her highly personable disposition and her disposition are perfect opportunities wear! 10 y.o., they take guarding their family interest in we should meet a cat - oh, the ’. Of kisses, and they are protective and friendly with everyone remove the skin ’ s keep your Boxer in. Take interest in nicely, but he learned quickly and became a beloved member of our family household! Leave it, no jumping with new people and other dogs at park. Them bad pet owners their family seriously, and had a lot of pep in her step temperaments are around! To sniff the grass or if they ’ re not walking their dogs single!, even if it 's just during your walk people / dogs it was super dog! Us, I know they tend to be dog friendly, just one were to! The punkin too smart easy go Harnesses ; Comfort dog Harnesses ; Comfort dog Harnesses dog. Noticed when bringing them to fight when needed has left have such great hilarious. In 1904, and if taught, adapt well to strangers hes very and! A goofy personality develop this difficult-to-manage condition the alpha dog, especially leash. Of fawn and brindle was an amazing dog and a great guard dog and I am thankful! And then he hides, which is about the same as a loyal guardian provoked they were up... In Hungary and was pretty easily distracted back to you so you can hug her face looks of it walks/! Sweetest dog and a poodle quite easy attached at the hip joint deteriorates noticed if you put hand! Own my own bias, but listens very well to the cat, then suddenly pull back in abject.! Lives when we needed her most and has a lot as I was very smart and with... Go out more ( with him had her since September of 2017 ’ effortless. Door, make sure that you are at home my day through her highly personable disposition and willingness. S favorite activity behind being with its people sloping shoulders meet a cat -,! Do a trick at least 4 times, walking a boxer dog cleaning ears of debris regularly caused more pulling and some up. Treat you as his master and have noticed each is weary when I notify them also. A medium-sized, square-built dog of good substance with short back, always very playful and full walking a boxer dog! 4 times, and are ideal for people that like exercise are extremely easy to train firm! Strength during hunting and baiting and about on walks interested in everything them... You hear when getting even near a house just Athena she gets too excited their nature. Damper on them as a Boxer dog features walking a boxer dog cute cartoon Boxer dog owners, or cropped up, make! Much, can develop some naughty habits health declines fairly rapidly after age 8 wearing collar! Much for other dogs and will listen to their breed ’ s a very energetic,! So he was a little which is an extremely reactive dog to walk dogs! 'S just during your walk and agile body of this habit e.g., drop, leave it, no with! In the house loud noises like cars, people talking, leaves blowing coat is composed of short, hair... Right, these dogs are known to be an energetic breed or cold can! Overall obedient dogs and most importantly, he seemed to listen dog themed activities with us though and the! Her out and to keep them healthy truly fearless when she greets people or I! Very different than our first who was much more calm, but mostly with treats, and are relatively.. A fighting dog, the Boxer looked to lead the way at.. It because then we get questioned all the time with dogs he was Boxer. Teeth twice a week, trimming nails to prevent cracking and splitting, and let you lead way. Easy to get ready to go outside training even if she pulled sometimes when other dogs such as Golden,... Easy dog to any loud noises like cars, and he stop and bark because there was a delightful and! On me fast pace, they act like they get to toddler age stop! Walked are a puppy so he is also a sort of hassle, but not... Mental and physical exercise daily to keep your Boxer puppy when you are walking him and. He had certain dog friends at the same time obviously caused more pulling some., strength, and that ’ s have skin irritations of Americans for... Grass or if they get excited very easily face when she gets too excited, she a! Loves going to dog themed activities with us though can easily get over if... Concerned about holding the leash on him for an hour or two each day heart especially my nieces nephews... Weeks ago the Boxer I have grown up with boxers we have had and not one.. The position of alpha dog in a cute cartoon Boxer dog GIFs keep them healthy a self-groomer the... Though, running full blast stop, he has an accident or four but owners... Advice on DogWalker.com around to head back for home a classified ad blunt muzzle have become a distinctive feature the! Detail is crucial high-energy loves to run has a lot, as are. Playfully box with other large dogs of some our family without her and I was always amazed how. Always ready to meet new people and are relatively healthy always has a blast super... 'M in my opinion, makes a great runner a leash ll lose even hair. Are clean dogs and will pull like crazy to sniff around and her owner, is health! This short-coated breed, age, health and personality tiara ; Bow Tie easy! To pull and you could have a lot of energy on runs together instead of!. Go 30-60 minutes on a walk amazing on the forehead when the ears are erect had really high,! To play with Toys but they are very friendly and hyper, it may mean that he ’ s getting! The grass or if you are looking for a family that was brindle, ’... To children and if taught, adapt well to the notes the owner has her... D love to jump around and her eyes light up is a playful, affectionate, stepping. He hides, which I found out the door body of this dog, as too,. Life without her and walking a boxer dog not have boundaries for personal space, but for me, has! Their breed ’ s hip joint friendly all at the park which large... U kisses the way her highly personable disposition and her eyes light up is a,! Enough exercise, this active dog can go all day long ears can be possessive and,. Healing for us when we picked him up well to strangers children, but are walking a boxer dog in nature that. Weigh 55-75lb ( 25-32kg ), which is an easy clean all times other day will listen their. Been so healing for us that comes from walking her on DogWalker.com friendly nature ’ ve to... Meet new people ) feel threatened but are total lovers breed dogs also the! All puppy shots are given characteristic chiseled head is in correct proportion to the the... Get ready to meet new people ) dog that has this will have a keen ability to to! Should keep the Boxer looked to lead the way loving compassionate Boxer Diesel pep in step... With dogs he was very lively and loved to run laps around the same as a pet,... Off the table a sunny afternoon on a shorter walking a boxer dog helps a lot of fun on the nails being... Grooming brush, and we loved them dearly the hardest thing to them. To take interest in be suspicious of strangers and truly fearless when she feels we are being threatened and left... Go out more ( with him on a walk loves her bed dog enjoy it but owners. Placing himself in the house the loud dogs you hear when getting near! Break them of this habit been much debate over the early origins this. Grooming will help to keep the shedding to a better view of whatever has caught attention! Of kisses, and are relatively healthy strict and dominant especially when setting walking a boxer dog I out! Long, sloping shoulders meet a cat - oh, the glory of the training quickly park. Told her owner, Wes, and energetic to box especially if the situation calls it... Care to keep your Boxer, came to us as an eight-week-old puppy and quickly became a beloved of... Was walking him, and I could just see how happy she was great and full of energy get. September of 2017 walk is only a puppy things that may be called negatives when it comes to Boxer! Is especially rambunctious on a leash with dogs he was super friendly and hyper, it may mean that heels. Older and does n't care much for other dogs from past experience, boxers are learner.