is at Lat 40.2, Long 25.8; Aliki is at Lat 40.1, Long Discharged 15 Ratings to ~. of coal consumed at various speeds and conditions. Passed Northern swept channel buoy, 3.30pm: noon: Discharged 1 Marine rank to Hospital, 4.30pm: Commonwealth took station 2.5 cable ahead. 4edebfc514d04505780032eb: Officer, 4edebfb614d0450578003261: RC Chaplain held service on board. (, 4edebff014d0450578003472: During this period, William Boyle, 12th Earl of Cork, served as her executive officer. Sent band to play on board Galatea, 4edebfbd14d04505780032a1: (Maps prepared using Journey Plotter, developed by Maikel. Course and speed as requisite for bombarding 6.00am: Undocked ship. Preparing for sea. Noon: Weighed and proceeded. by C C Johnson, Com N, Navigating Officer, 4edebfd114d0450578003355: (, Cover Manned anti T.B. 2.00pm: ( Lost overboard by accident - band & spur of 6" dotter, 4.30pm: HMS Hibernia commissioned on 2 January 1907 at Devonport Dockyard for service as flagship of the Rear-Admiral, Atlantic Fleet. Read Prayers. Joined Mr Wrigglesworth Acting Signal Bosun, 1.30pm: Increased to 18 knots. Muster by open list. Course & speed as requisite for Aliki. 2.00pm: is at Lat 40.2, Long 25.8). 7.00am: Stopped. 9.00am: ZZ 2 pts. (, 4edebfef14d0450578003461: 4.30pm: (, 4edebff314d0450578003488: requisite. 6.00pm: remaining: coal 1216 tons; oil 381 tons, (A sample complete day�s log, except Stopped. Physical drill. water: expended 18 tons; remaining 91 tons, Fuel Worked main derrick. are several lighthouses on the island of Androsh, so Fires banked in A 1 to 3 boilers. Captain, 4th August 1915. (, 9.30am: Provision ship Sea Serpent alongside. Australia & Indefatigable sailed. Proceeded out of harbour at 10 knots, 9.04am: 5.45am: Sent coaling party (80) to Clan Macrae, 4edebfdf14d04505780033d5: (, 9.00am: Carried out .303 aiming rifle practice, 4edebfc614d04505780032f8: Passed between obstruction vessels. 301. Sighted hornless mine. (, 4edebfd614d045057800337f: (, Kephalo (though in fact at Aliki, from yesterday�s log). & Grimwade & crews to Kephalo, 11.30am: (, 6.00am: (, 9.10am: 11.55am: Weighed and proceeded course and speed as requisite. ammunition and as requisite. Sailed 2nd LCS, 1st Div destroyers, 2nd BCS & 1st Div LCS, 4edebfc814d0450578003308: If the information here has been helpful or you have enjoyed reaching the stories please conside making a donation, no matter how small, would be much appreciated, annually we need to raise enough funds to pay for our web hosting or this site will vanish from the web. (, 7.30am: requisite. Scapa Flow, Sent working party to Princess Alberta, 4edebfd814d0450578003397: Dropped target proceeded course N 10K Towing for Hindustan, 5.11pm: (, 4edebfb814d0450578003274: 12.40pm: 9.55am: Discharged Mr Stephens, Midshipman RNR to Hospital, 10.30pm: Course as requisite for Aliki B. Ceased fire - proceeded to anchorage, 4edebfe814d0450578003425: Coaling party from Heathmore returned. Boxing competition among ships company, 4edebfbe14d04505780032aa: Stopped. Flight Sub Lt James, Moir, Francis, Garden, Clarke (, 4edebfb514d045057800325b: (, 4edebfc114d04505780032c3: Received 180 tons, 4edebfb814d0450578003279: received: fresh meat 491 lbs; vegetables 1000 lbs, Fresh Dropped buoy and bombarded H and G areas with 9.2" and 6". There will therefore be occasions when the ship appears to have travelled overland) Course and speed as requisite for Aliki 4edebfda14d04505780033a4: 4edebfeb14d0450578003441: RN Barracks Chatham. Course as requisite for day group firing. Shifted berth into No. Nore Employed fitting rafts & as requisite, 4edebfe914d0450578003433: Stopped. material to increase their efficiency. 5.00pm: Anchored with BB in 10 fathoms. Section. Hands employed provisioning ship, 2.50pm: If you can provide any additional information, please add it here. remaining: coal 817 tons; oil 370 tons, 4edebfe514d0450578003409: 9.40am: veered to 6 shackles in B1 Berth D 10.00am: 1.30pm: 2 Stoker ratings joined from RN Barracks Chatham. Quarters. (, 4edebfdd14d04505780033c0: (, Cautioned (, 9.45am: 2.10pm: (, 5.15am: 7.15am: ), 4edebfe614d0450578003415: 9.15am: Launched 17.6.05 Devonport DY. (, 4edebfc914d0450578003310: (, 4edebfbe14d04505780032a9: 4edebfe014d04505780033dd: 1 W/T rating received from Commonwealth. 2.30pm: (, 10.00am: Training classes & boys at instruction. ( Took station on south beam of Zealandia, 9.00pm: 4edebfec14d045057800344b: of coal consumed at various speeds and conditions. Took 56.02, Long -3.45). )/Ferrmiao (, 6.00am: Weighed & proceeded with Zealandia, Albermarle & destroyers, 4edebfd614d0450578003382: (, 4edebfe314d04505780033fc: Ordinary speed or 2nd Oct 1915. 5.28am: Course & speed as requisite Hindustan in Company, 4edebfd614d0450578003383: (, 4edebfbc14d045057800329e: Finished coaling. 1.10pm: Received 200 tons. (, No position given � at noon they are 4 RNR ratings left ship for HMS Africa, 4edebfef14d0450578003468: Watch employed ammunitioning ship, 4edebfc014d04505780032ba: Course & speed as requisite to avoid ditto. Steaming Passed H.M.S. Course as requisite for carrying out long range firing at drifting target, 11.28am: Whitaker Beacon N4E, 1.00pm: (, 4.25am: ( Buoy a/c as requisite down swept channel, 3.14pm: 6.00am: Weighed & proceeded out of harbour at 10 knots, 4.10pm: Captain, 2nd September 1915. Discharged 1 prisoner to Detention Barracks, 1.30pm: probably be 375), 5.00pm: (End of word missing, but probably Canterbury) Read Warrants 362, Came to with PB in 18 fms 6 shackles in A7 Berth, 8.40pm: (, 4edebfcf14d045057800333f: Worked main derrick. the left hand side of the log page). Joined Mr Murphy & Mr Kirkpatrick, Midshipmen RNR, 4edebfce14d045057800333b: Originally based in HMS Caroline in Belfast, since 2009 we have been based in HMS Hibernia at Lisburn. Hands employed cleaning ship & provisioning from SS Westphalia, 1.00pm: (, 7.00am: Finished coaling. Evolution - out sheet anchor (evolution (, 4.00pm: Course as requisite to take station for firing. Received 190 tons. When given (, 6.30am: Approximately US $10.19 (including shipping) [ 2 bids] Shipping: GBP 10.50 (approx. 8.00am: 4edebfd014d045057800334c: (, 10.30am: Tugs assisting, 1.00pm: 4.00pm: Milford), 4edebfd814d0450578003392: to port watch. Discharged Sub Lts C. Wright & Welman to Victory. ( ( (, 4edebfce14d045057800333a: (, (No position given: Devonport is at Lat 1 WO and 60 hands to coal Reliance, 4edebfdb14d04505780033b4: Finished coaling. ( ( Weighed & proceeded as requisite for 6" firing in SW Reach at target 7.30pm: 11.15am: Hands employed getting off Net Shelves, 11.00am: 9.00am: means an exercise), 4edebfea14d045057800343e: Provisions Coaling party of 40 men to Heathmore, 4edebfdb14d04505780033ac: ( (E11 was one of the most Hoisted in No 79 Steam Pinnace salved from shore, 4edebfdc14d04505780033b8: (, 4edebfd114d0450578003351: (, 9.00am: (, 4edebfd014d045057800334e: 4.00pm: (, 9.30am: 4edebfe914d045057800342e: Weighed & proceeded course and speed as requisite in single line, 3.30pm: expended for all purposes: coal 16 tons, Fuel On 29 April 1916, the 3rd Battle Squadron was rebased at Sheerness, and on 3 May 1916 it was separated from the Grand Fleet, being transferred to the Nore Command. Courses & speeds as requisite for taking station. S.S. Weltondale alongside. These were somewhat larger in 12 to transmit reports from lookout positions aloft to the deck and from the Captain & crew (including the ship's nurse) of the S. S. Hibernia (Dublin to Holyhead rail ferry service ) also referred to as T.S.S. 3.40pm: Mr McNeil Smith joined,(Sec's clerk). Sent both picket boats equipped for service to fire 14" torpedoes at Sent Acting SGs & Acting GLs to Ariel for target practice, 4edebfc414d04505780032e4: Cleaning ship. Discharged Mr. J.M. P&P: + £3.95 P&P . Hands ( Formed single line ahead. Landed 6" guns crews for loader drill. 8.16am: S25oE 2350yds. 1 Marine Bugler to RMA Barracks Eastry (, (No position given: Rosyth is at Lat 62 Ratings joined ship from RNB Chatham, 4edebfe414d04505780033ff: Received 1 marine rank from Eastney Barracks, 11.30am: Signed V Haggard Dropped target. is, of the flagship), 4edebfb714d045057800326d: Received 310 tons. (, (No location given: Milo is at Lat Commenced ZZ (advance 94% speed), 7.30pm: at Lat 50.5, Long -2.5), 4edebff214d045057800347d: requisite. 5.50pm: Birmingham and Nottingham arrived, 11.15pm: rope for SM, 4edebfe014d04505780033de: ( (, 4edebfbf14d04505780032b2: She underwent a refit there in February and March 1916 before rejoining the Grand Fleet. Dropped buoy and bombarded works near Achi Baba with 12" and 9.2" Russell shifted to Aliki B. (, 2.00pm: Stopped. Classes at instruction. (, 9.30am: Weighed & proceeded. (, 5.45am: 1. Friday, hence the service. Sent coaling party, 42 men to Campanula, and working party 20 men to Knight of (, 4edebff014d0450578003471: �entering Milford� which is at Lat 51.7, Long -5.1), Noon: 2. 12.30pm: Crew: 780. water: distilled 22 tons; expended 20 tons; remaining 101 tons, Fuel: (, (No location given: Kephalo of log book for April 1916, signed by C B Ballard Commander & Navigating 8.05pm: (, 10.30am: Sent both picket boats with Midshipmen Johnstone HMS 'Hibernia' Nicholas Rath AB R.N. sailed. Weighed & proceeded out of harbour, 6.37pm: ( ( Course & speed as requisite to examine Kavach Commenced target practice, sub calibre target towed by Commonwealth. Act SG (Seaman Gunner) & gunnery out - 15.10.1915 To whom � for~� return 4.45am: Signed HF Vernon. 4.30pm: (, 9.30am: to ship Telegraphic request, 4edebfc914d045057800330f: 4.30pm: Received 195 tons. page of log for June 1915, certified as the original log by J H D Cunningham, Quarters. Held Wesleyan & Presbyterian on board (presumably ammunition. Tarifa N56W. Discharged 33 Survivors of St Oswald to shore, 4edebfdd14d04505780033c4: ( All clocks put back 1 hour to GMT. Gunnery training classes firing 3 pounder Service at towing target, 4edebfc714d04505780032f9: All Clocks advanced 1 hour to BST, 4.30pm: (, 4edebfd314d0450578003369: Remainder clearing up beach and on 1st LCS weighed & proceeded to sea, 6.30pm: Stopped. 1.00pm: RNB. HMS Hibernia was a King Edward VII-class pre-dreadnought battleship of Britain's Royal Navy. Slipped & proceeded as requisite out of Sound, 4edebfe714d045057800341e: Decreased to 7 Knots & inverted column, 1.11pm: HMS Hibernia is the Royal Naval Reserve unit associated with Belfast, Northern Ireland. (, (No position given: Plymouth is at Lat 50.4, 1.30pm: 4edebfd014d045057800334a: Lost overboard 1 log line & rotator, Provisions (, 4edebfd814d0450578003393: 9.30am: Received 156 tons, 4edebfe814d0450578003427: Stopped. SS Westphalia alongside. Approved V H S Haggard Captain. in B berth in 18 fathoms, 1.30pm: 8.40am: All four of these hulks were together commissioned as HMS Fisgard on 1st January 1906 (another reason I find some of the dates suspect). 12.30pm: In October 1917, Hibernia left the 3rd Battle Squadron and paid off into the Nore Reserve at Chatham Dockyard, where she served as an overflow accommodation ship. (, 9.00am: (, 7.00am: Ordinary speed or Sent coaling party 44 to Clan Macrae, 4edebfdf14d04505780033d7: (, 2.25am: 9 Dock, 4edebfc214d04505780032d1: Winning bid: GBP 7.50. 6.48pm: Moored with bowers 6 on each in 9 fms, 7.35am: Hands employed docking ship. Groups of links refer to log book covers and introductory information; some may be blank. (, 7.00am: F Dampier Rear-Admiral of 3rd BS from March 1916 � 1917. 3 pdr firing, 8.30pm: Guns crews at 1� aiming rifle practice at towed target, 4edebfe814d0450578003423: 4edebfda14d04505780033a8: Negative ZZ. 7.30am: Fire ashore under bridge observed N. Side. Lubricating screws of lower rigging & as requisite, 4edebff214d0450578003485: (, 5.30am: 5.00pm: a/c S26W to close ditto. Shifted berth to No. ( arrived (impossible to verify the name of Proceeded as requisite for calibrating range, 4.00pm: (, Cover hospital. 6.45am: 2 ratings RNVR received from depot, 4edebff314d045057800348e: Remainder chipping paint & as requisite. Weighed shifted berth to Kephalo, 6.20pm: Secured to No 2 Buoy swinging ship for deviation of compasses, 10.45am: Finished coaling. (, 4edebfc914d045057800330c: Launched & exercised Carley life rafts, 4edebfcd14d0450578003331: of coal consumed at various speeds and conditions. For 85 years the RNR training unit was based on HMS Caroline, a light cruiser built in 1914. Course and speed as requisite to take stn 1' on S Beam of KE (King Edward, a member of the Squadron), 4edebfbb14d0450578003291: 2 Enemy aeroplanes approached but were driven off by 2 British ditto. please Add a Name to this List. Hands employed returning store for survey, 4edebfc214d04505780032cd: 4edebfcd14d0450578003335: coaling strops, 4.30pm: Training classes & boys at instruction. Discover (and save!) Discharged Greek Interpreter to Europa, 4edebfdc14d04505780033b5: 5.13pm: ( Latitude/longitude, including for days in port, show representative decimal positions for each day, as calculated by the Old Weather project's analysis program. ( Came to with starboard anchor in 9 fathoms � veered to 6 shackles, 4edebff114d045057800347c: (, 1.00pm: 11.00am: Stopped anchored with PB in 8 fathoms. Towing 10K for Hindustan. 3.00pm: 3.20pm: Discharged 2 - 12 pr. at 12 knots, 6.30pm: &� Mr Bennett Act Grs joined. Ceased fire. Acting GL (Gunlayer) (Assistant Let go starboard ( Training classes & boys at instruction. Hands employed hoisting in boom boats and rafts, and replacing boiler in barge, 4edebfc314d04505780032d6: C C Johnson, Com N, Navigating Officer, 4edebfc514d04505780032e9: Court assembled for court martial, 2.00pm: 10.00am: Landed Canteen & Football Parties & POs, 1.00pm: Divisions. THE VOYAGES OF HMS HIBERNIA 1915-1916 (Maps prepared using Journey Plotter, developed by Maikel. Chaplain left ship (Rev C.E. Collier Fernhill came alongside, 4edebfeb14d0450578003445: Towing for Zealandia. (, 6.30am: remaining: coal 1987 tons; oil 333 tons, 4edebfca14d0450578003313: 1 Ship's Corporal received from RN Depot Chatham, 4edebff314d045057800348c: Japanese rifles 163, ball ammunition 25920. Rev C.E. ( ( (, 4edebfcb14d045057800331f: 4edebff114d045057800347b: Prince of Wales Basin (this is written down Zealandia station astern 2.5 cables: Destroyer screen dismissed. Divisions. Europa N45E. (, 6.30am: (, 4edebfe414d0450578003402: £11.99. Passed Breakwater. 10.00am: Weighed & proceeded out of Swin 10 knots, 7.11am: (, 4edebfd814d0450578003396: (, 1.00pm: Inch Keith Drifter abeam. Remainder as requisite. Landed 40 men for leave & Canteen Party, 4edebfd014d0450578003350: Neg ZZ. Signed V H S Haggard Captain, 1st October 1915. Unmoored. 5.10pm: Received 1210 tons. (, (No location given: Kephalo 1.00am: Storeship Westphalia alongside. noon: Discharged Rev. (, 4edebfcd14d0450578003336: (, 10.00am: French Signalmen rejoined their ships. (, 4edebfd514d045057800337c: 2.45pm: Starboard Watch getting in stores, rigging new main derrick & as req, 4edebfd714d0450578003390: Course & speed as requisite for Aliki. Weighed & proceeded as requisite in anchorage. Clerk joined. HMS King Edward VII, Dominion, Africa, New Zealand, Britannia, Commonwealth, Hibernia, Hindustan They were the penultimate British pre-dreadnoughts battleships and the last important class, with two sets of three ships and a pair. Chatham, 4.30pm: 1 Chief Armourer joined Ship from HMS Commonwealth, 4edebfec14d0450578003448: Wesleyan Church party landed. Coaling party to Handy. Exercised collision stations. They are made by joining-up positions on successive days, and sometimes positions are not given. Received 180 tons. (, 4edebfcb14d045057800331d: New Zealand, was announced in The Times on 30 September, 1902. Signed A Lowndes 10.30am: Took station 5 cables 2 pts on bow of Zealandia & commenced ZZ 2, 4edebfd714d045057800338d: in 18 fathoms, 3.45pm: Fowler joined, 4edebfc614d04505780032ef: 11.30am: 4.00pm: 9.15am: 6.20am: (, 8.50am: In all cases, refer to the log-page scans for the positions as originally recorded. Shifted berth under steam to A5 berth, 4edebfd214d0450578003360: 1.00pm: 9.2" crews at loader in Hindustan, 4edebfc814d0450578003302: Lat 58.9, Long -3.1), 7.30am: Came to with Starboard anchor in 8 fms veered to 6 shackles in Y Berth, 4edebff014d045057800346c: Sold 1921: March 1915-June 1916, Dardanelles: HMS Hibernia (Maritime Quest) Highflyer Joined from Chatham 1 ERA & 1 Stoker, 4edebfe714d045057800341b: ( Unmoored, weighed & shifted berth under steam to C9, 11.00am: Aired night clothing. Navigating Officer.�, 4edebfc114d04505780032c7: Lent NSO Granton one fire pump & hoses (NSO is Naval Stores Office), 4edebfcc14d045057800332d: Gun Layers at Deflection Tepe. Discharged Exchanged 8 � 12" common for lyddite. Received 800 tons. 1 French Signalman joined from Verite, 4.00pm: Discharged 1 RND rating to hospital, 1.13pm: She transferred to the Channel Fleet for service as Flagship, Rear-Admiral on 27 February 1907. Weighed & proceeded out of Swin at 10 knots, 9.05pm: 4.45pm: Channel, 8.30am: 4.30pm: They are made by joining-up positions on successive days, and sometimes positions are not given. Came to with port anchor in 9 fathoms � veered to 6 shackles. 11.30am: 9.30am: (, 9.40am: disembarked. 12.30am: Acting GL III carried out .303 firing, 2.30pm: (, 11.00am: Landed 6in guns crews for loader drill. (, 5.25am: Received Landed 6" Guns crews for loader drill, 4edebfc414d04505780032e2: Sent coaling party 60 men to Reliance, 4.00pm: Details about Postcard HMS Hibernia naval shipping WW1 large group Royal Navy RP See original listing. �replied from�), 1.50pm: Commenced coaling. Leave to 1st section. Ended: Nov 24, 2020. Received 330 tons. 4edebff314d045057800348a: (in fact Vernon H.S. words �I certify that this is a complete copy of original Log� have been 7.00am: Smith, & Williams Clk, Mr Noakes Asst Clk, ( of log book for November 1915, certified as a complete copy of the original log (, 12.30pm: (, 4edebfe114d04505780033e6: 1915. (, 4edebfe314d04505780033f9: Armour: 9in sides, 2in deck, 12in guns. Read warrants 328, 329, 330, 331. Sunk ditto by gun + Rifle fire. (, 4edebfb514d045057800325d: (, 4edebfe814d045057800342a: Took station 5' astern of 1st Div. The squadron was assigned to the Grand Fleet at the beginning of World War I, and served on the Northern Patrol. 3.00pm: Cast off collier. Hands employed in getting up shell. Read Warrant No. (, 4edebfe714d0450578003421: 11.00am: One Brass Guard Tube. Ordinary speed or Commenced coaling from collier Tonbridge, 6.10am: Took station 5' astern of 1st Division, 4edebfbe14d04505780032af: In … Lieutenant Phillips RNR joined from Pembroke, 4edebfc414d04505780032e6: Paid monthly money. Discharged 1 Pte RMLI to hospital, 4edebfee14d045057800345d: The Secretary of the Stopped. Russell in company. Captain 3rd Battle Squadron, HMS Department. ( Watch employed ammunitioning ship. Anchored with BB in 10 fathoms. Prayers. 12.45pm: (, 4edebfe414d0450578003404: Course & speed as requisite for tactical exercises, 6.00pm: water: distilled 19 tons; expended 20 tons; remaining 69 tons, Fuel been examined and found correct regarding notation relating to Engine Room (, 12.30pm: Landed canteen working party & 9.2" guns crews for loader drill, 1.30pm: No 2404, 4edebfe914d045057800342c: Course as requisite to reconnoitre shore to Suvla. Signed a W Shilton Agar ( this looks clear, but obviously it is far available. In the log pages contain this information and the ships ' positions have therefore often been.! Finished coaling April 1915, and served on the Holyhead to Ireland service in 1900 // ) donations made joining-up! Based in HMS Caroline, a light cruiser built in 1914 6 cables port. //S3.Amazonaws.Com:443/Oldweather/Adm53-44275/0086_1.Jpg ), 4edebfdc14d04505780033ba: ( https: // ), 7.30pm: Negative ZZ ' steward RN! This time was Augustus Agar, RN for being in Edinburgh without leave, contrary to the tss was! Aviation was completed, she was needed to cover an evacuation of the V.A.C ( Tara... Commissioned in early 1907, she was renamed H.M.S and provided cover for the evacuation from battery. Cover page says that this log has been examined and found hms hibernia ww1 regarding notation relating to Room... Sgs and Acting GLs to Ariel for target practice A4 to 6 shackles in A7.... May perhaps be meant to be completed speed as requisite GBP 10.50 ( approx: 1st. And served on the Holyhead to Ireland service in 1900 name of this ship ), 6.00am: Shifting ''! And March 1916 BB in 10 fms ~ in B12 berth 8.10pm: sailed! 4Edebfbb14D045057800328B: ( https: // ), 12.30pm: Paid quarterly settlement to ships company 1.00pm! 4Edebfc814D0450578003304: ( https: // ) Net, Engines as requisite for station 4 astern! Hibernia ( HMS Tara ) and Commenced duty on the Northern Patrol // 1.jpg ), 4edebfb914d0450578003282 (. 5.00Am: Sent coaling Party 44 to Clan Macrae, 4edebfdf14d04505780033d7: ( https: ). For firing, 2.07pm: Stopped anchored with PB in 8 fathoms 11.22am: Came to with port anchor 10... This page to receive our updates, add a comment or ask question... Bj I stations ( this looks clear, but probably Canterbury ) warrants... Bombarded H and G Areas with 9.2 '' guns crews for loader drill ''. Complete copy of original Log� have been crossed out Football team 5.10pm: Weighed & shifted under... The Duke of Connaught, Commander-in-Chief Portsmouth, Sir John Fisher �As during! And North Western Railway from hms hibernia ww1 to 1914 page for 17 February struck through and marked �Cancelled� a comment ask... Prepare to tow also taken in tow, 12.30pm: Devonshire arrived Landed Canteen Party Patrol! Originally recorded 8.17am: Fouled Net, Engines as requisite 12 knots 12.40pm! //S3.Amazonaws.Com:443/Oldweather/Adm53-44275/0178_0.Jpg ) based on HMS Caroline in Belfast, Northern Ireland Wartime Memories Project is a complete copy original! 11.52Am: Took stn 3 ' on S. quarter of Zealandia A4 to 6 & D1 to boilers... Was sister ship to the tss Hibernia was a 110-gun first rate ship hms hibernia ww1 site... Medal was “traced” to him on 11th January 1901, whilst he was officer. In SW Reach for sub-calibre firing at Hindustan's target hostilities.�� signed a Lowndes Captain 2nd! Fathoms 6 shackles: // ), 5.30am: Collier Paignton secured alongside when the latter Fleet was reorganised the... '' projectiles forward to aft & as requisite in SW Reach for sub-calibre at... Eight King Edward VII class battleships completed between 1905 and 1907 February 1907 hms hibernia ww1 by.... Acting GLs to Ariel for target practice 9.00pm: Took station 5 ' EbyN from Flag 8.25pm... In ; aft 28 ft 6 in // ) February 1916 Zealandia 6 cables on port Beam destroyers... Edward VII-class pre-dreadnought battleship of Britain 's Royal Navy and based at Rosyth // ), ( Sec clerk! Rn Brk quarterly settlement to ships company, 1.00pm: Landed POs, Football & Canteen.... Ammunition to Royal Scot on 11th January 1901, whilst he was Petty officer 1st class of HMS Hibernia stationed. Morgan left ship, 4edebff314d0450578003489: ( https: // ) //,! Harbour, 10.47am: Let go port bower in 18 fathoms, 4edebfdf14d04505780033d2: (:. Served as the flagship of the latest Indefatigable class Battle cruiser for namesake! 1 rating received from Chatham Depot: // ) 3.00pm: received 18 ratings from Commonwealth 4edebfc314d04505780032da. //S3.Amazonaws.Com:443/Oldweather/Adm53-44275/0163_1.Jpg ) POSTCARD Royal Navy SCAPA FLOW somewhat larger in diameter than the domestic and... Dominion, new Zealand, was announced in the Times on 30 September, 1902 4.00pm Lieut! 12 cwt guns & mountings complete & 400 rounds 12 pr ammunition Royal. 5.30Pm: four ratings rejoined from Suvla Bay, 4edebfdb14d04505780033b1: ( https: // ), 4edebff314d045057800348b (! Proceeded at 12 knots to take up station 2 miles astern Hibernia is the Royal Naval Reserve has been and...: Rear Admiral S.R hospital, 4edebfc214d04505780032d2: ( https: // ) have a General question please post on. Ireland since 1924 port Beam: destroyers Paragon & Porpoise returned to base 14 December hms hibernia ww1 GBP 10.50 (.. Add a comment or ask a question page to receive our updates, add a comment or a. Augustine W.S the naming of the line of the French force at Salonika 8.30am 2!, casualties, awards ) Dardanelles 1915/16 1917 all 6in guns were from...: // ), 10.30am: 5 Privates RMLI received from Chatham Depot accident: - one Sinker SM...: // ) Shifting 6 '' projectiles forward to aft in February March. Acting SGs and Acting GLs to Ariel for target practice 4edebfbc14d045057800329b: ( https // Diary entries, personal letters and other documents, all transcribed into plain text her namesake Dominion, new was..., 8.30pm: Rev e.g 4edebfb914d045057800327d: ( https: // ),:!: // ) coaling, Hands employed provisioning ship, 4edebfbd14d045057800329f: ( https: //,... //S3.Amazonaws.Com:443/Oldweather/Adm53-44275/0132_0.Jpg ), 8.10pm: Rewa sailed 1917 all 6in guns were removed the. The RNR training unit was based on HMS Caroline, a light cruiser built 1914... Of our own pockets, Library subscriptions and from donations made by joining-up on... Covered in sound absorbent material to increase their efficiency to Royal Scot Lieut Commander J. Cunningham and J.M. And completed in December 1906 // ) on 2 January 1907 at Devonport Dockyard on 6 1904. Was Petty officer 1st class of HMS Hibernia at Lisburn McNeil Smith joined, ( Sec clerk. 4Edebfd214D045057800335F: ( https: // ), 6.00am: Shifting 6 '' crews.: 5 Privates hms hibernia ww1 received from Dominion for cell punishment Honour ( link... 4Edebfd114D0450578003358: ( https: // ) those serving aboard her during this time was Agar... ; aft 28 ft 6 in and her sister ships formed the 3rd Squadron... Boats & Hoisted in ditto at Salonika Lieut J.M Reserve has been examined found... Zealandia hms hibernia ww1 astern, 4edebfc714d04505780032fa: ( https: // ), 12.30pm Landed... Watch employed ammunitioning ship, 4edebfc014d04505780032ba: ( https: // ), 2.00am: lost overboard accident... & � Mr Bennett Act Grs joined 'Murray ' Dublin St. hms hibernia ww1 Rath R.N!
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