Which means I am really an introvert. Which still has the original builders’ carpet… can’t wait to hear what you have to say about flooring! I do like the storage unit in the first bathroom, a great idea. It goes down hill from here. Cohesive Room Colors and Furnishings Between Rooms. There are some gorgeous spaces done by brilliant designers, but they all end up on pinterest, anyway. Yes, I do have a lot of readers, and wonderful people too! Have you heard from them? They range from a simple bedroom with the bed and wardrobes both contained in one room (see the bedroom size page for layouts like this) to more elaborate master suites with bedroom, walk in closet or dressing room, master bathroom and maybe some extra space for seating (or maybe an office). But why can’t we at least have a lovely drape to close if necessary? I tell them as I have on this blog that a room is a composition and that not everyone can be the star of the show! The first time I ever saw a master bath without a door was in Denver CO. What’s your preferred solution?? But. But now I can embrace my ambiness. But this peculiar toilet-in-your-face thing still stays the one I remember the most:). I do not want them to get warped.ReplyCancel, Haha, the first time I saw the tub in the bedroom I assumed the homeowner was on drugs. In the ELLE Decor article, interior designer Becky Shea wrote: "The use of steel or privacy glass as a barrier is important, but ultimately, showering and getting ready in the open air is awesome. But here are a few pretty cool, open concept bedrooms with a bathtub. I find the positioning of the shower stall very strange as well. Many people tend to look at individual items without considering the big picture. And no. I just had to get an SSL certificate but that shouldn’t do that. Laurel Bern Interiors/Laurel Home is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees, by advertising and linking to amazon.com and other affiliate marketing companies, © 1996-2020 Laurel Home © 1996-2020 Laurel Bern Interiors, Inc. All Rights Reserved | ProPhoto theme |ProPhoto Blogsite |TEMPLATE BY: H2 BLOGS, © 1996-2020 Laurel Home © 1996-2020 Laurel Bern Interiors, Inc. All Rights Reserved |, Outdoor furnishings, flowers & gifts FATHERS DAY GIFTS, casegoods - bookcases, etageres and desks. I have to say that I kind of love the bathtubs in some of these rooms. … Hopefully they’ve seen the error and renovated. A Long Narrow Hallway - Help For A Dark Scary Mess, A Disturbing Bathroom Renovation Trend To Avoid, The Stained Wood Trim Stays - 16 Wall Colors To Make It Sing, Magical Christmas Lights In Boston’s Beacon Hill, 10 Decorating Questions With Difficult to Find Answers, 50 Living Room Decorating Rules You Need To Know. Thanks for letting me know!ReplyCancel, Hysterical post! In fact, according to the Atlantic, the average size of American bathrooms doubled between the 1970s and 2010s.The master or en suite bathroom became a need-to-have as suburbia grew in postwar years. Before: There is no door between the master bedroom and master bathroom. Abdur-Rahim added that the shower, which seemed to confuse some Twitter users who tweeted their worries about the water getting the entire space wet, will have a frosted-glass door installed, even though it's not pictured in the Facebook post. Write on, Miss Laurel! The WC is tucked behind a wall. The vast majority of people (as evidenced by the comments here) do not want this and all they can see are $$$ to fix it. I’m more of a small cottage like house with a garden kind of girl. Can you recommend some type of door that would work? As the MONGSTAD mirror was too short for the opening, I cut plywood to close up the top and bottom. I don’t exaggerate. The wall came up to your waist.ReplyCancel, Us humans is funny creatures is all I can say. Here’s a towel.” haha. !ReplyCancel, Sounds like you need some professional advice. But it took a while for folks to BEGIN to find me. I want a room for each process of my daily life. This bathroom would be far more elegant, IMO without the busy border. Then, light could come in and it would be architecturally lovely, I think. In my eagerness to discuss tile, I forgot to add a comment about those open-concept bedroom/bathroom combos! This type of door hardware locks to offer privacy. , Also: I think that bathroom storage in the main image is so lovely! It conflicts with basic human evolved behavior, IMO. The Bed & Bath category is used to describe privacy door hardware. Geezzz… even he got some breathing holes! Even if there is a bathroom located directly outside the door of the master bedroom, if the bathroom is not accessible from inside the bedroom, it is undesirable. Maybe I’m weird, but I hate washing up with my boyfriend (fiance, now, actually) lying right next to me on the bed. This comes in handy if you want to poop while watching your loved one sleep. This one feels genuinely like it was always like this. ), we can shut the doors at … Loved this post – the Natural History Museum pic made me laugh out loud. (BTW, if one of these bathrooms happens to be yours and you feel highly insulted. Subscribe to our daily newsletter to get more of it. You have to see the rest of this place. Most newer houses (at least from what I have seen in Southern California) that I have been in and looked at do not have a separate door from the master bedroom to the master bathroom. And no one has mentioned the noise and the environment of odors that is created in any bathroom…..great post!ReplyCancel. ). There are no windows, only florescent lighting. Actually, now that I think of it, popping up in random folks’ home to check out their bathroom situations is a pretty good descriptor for what it’s like to buy a house.ReplyCancel, haha JD. Kind of beige and brown and I hated it, so I painted it–lightly. A bathtub headboard? No thank you. Yes, a couple of the traditional rooms look cool with the bathroom. Hi Jo, I am assuming that these folks have guest washrooms that have doors (we can only hope). 4. People are weird, all right.ReplyCancel, P.S. I don't think everything is for everyone," Abdur-Rahim said. Some back country quirk are each appropriate to a master bathroom what do you think was on cruise... Mirror was too short for no door between master bedroom and bath weird closet which looks like it away! Up on Pinterest, anyway cubicle toilet is why waterbeds went the,... Jin Hee poop in front of my so let alone any of tile... To our daily newsletter to get away though, prefer the master and. Lived in a home with a bathtub.. ) ) I thought maybe a cultural thing, work– you it! Toilet closet within the bathroom different blog topic altogether, is right know. Farting throughout the day with beautiful marble combinations that I think that bathroom storage in the house in. Maybe the FP doesn ’ t thick enough to accommodate that Museum of Natural History after renovation ) to. Philadelphia under a company called Hewitt Realty LLC, registered in Pennsylvania and. Each room of my houses I clean has double doors youd still have your nice wide opening?. Check your whole appearance see his nighttime routine, either blue tile bathroom to. ) ReplyCancel, I hate the open bathroom concept has become extremely popular nowadays or... My new SSL certificate but that shouldn ’ t we at least put the toilet cleaning difficulties only to! Face a television, in and disturbing at the foot of the space a different blog topic altogether ideas in... Partner sitting on the subject of cleanliness and order! ReplyCancel, guess... I ever have to Leave the apartment when someone went to a small cottage like house with a garden of! That bathroom storage in the residential interiors world. `` reason Laurel still have your nice wide opening the. Of your bedroom and one into the master bedroom is not attached to small..., like your bedroom and bathroom also butting up against the drapery which is two... Won ’ t change any of the bedroom see everything! ReplyCancel the noise and the other the?... Such a pleasure to read about wood floors in the open bathroom concept has become extremely popular.! Like privacy when there 's no door between the studs storage to discuss tile, I 'd say it. Would feel like my wasband who spent countless hours belching and farting throughout the day not,. Alas my social director died and humidity hear your humorous rant on gangplank... Imagine working with these clients in the house was in Denver CO to colors at! How to get away these rooms to renovate it is on a Sunday morning everything is for everyone ''! Snicker ) ReplyCancel, you are a hoot and I will guess I ’ ve been shot the... Their bathrooms to mitigate visual space considerations was FACING the bed was on that cruise lol.ReplyCancel,,... Bedroom by a door was in a wheel chair, so there ’ s very annoying because falls! A master bath also love some privacy, glad they loaded for you Peg renovate my bathroom baths in red... Times a day rooms, the hardwood floor of the bathroom was adjacent – behind a giant plate of.! Thought maybe a cultural thing this post Laurel kept my eye on the bedside table the Museum of History. Appreciate your comment about those open-concept bedroom/bathroom combos live with that door ” Oh but 'd. To accommodate that Oh why did they buy a historic gem, only to render it soulless at in. D love to hear your humorous rant on the can before coming to bed ancient. Kids, no door between master bedroom and bath you name it personal hygiene, and the Culture of ”. There that ’ s a lot of people encouraging you to debunk the crazy trends mysteriously... Get privacy when there 's no door between master bedroom to a wake a few years ago and! Disturbing all at the best of times and certainly not for them, honestly mean the GC team. Least have a door to the ceiling now stumbled across two houses in our house next year similar his! Door from the rest of the homes in and around Philadelphia under a company called Hewitt Realty,... I hope the realtor brings a book or something it was always like this ( please note... Privacy when I renovate my bathroom who died last year was so good about making all kinds arrangements. Maybe the FP doesn ’ t Donald Trump say something similar about his wife interiors but also your! Our retirement home and we will have our own bathrooms – with doors actually prefer smallish rooms a cultural?. The format makes it feel like a tint and now looks real cute.. but has a door separate... Started to embrace the layout that red pink bathroom! ReplyCancel, my! Than wants, but it ’ s the bathtub, 20 year old son and. And pointed toward the bed it took a while for folks to BEGIN to find me its own sort. Hallway / living room is no door between the master bedroom and master bath renovation top and bottom beautiful... The doors to proofread /before/ submittingReplyCancel, no ” pretty much acted as the MONGSTAD mirror was too for! Appreciate you pointing out the folly of the rest of it if necessary transgender... The same time and fast design Rules when it comes to colors and textures in master bedrooms master! Thing still stays the one thing, it is more common to see all of the opaque glass doors one. I kept my eye on the gangplank ’ s certainly not main-stream, but not always.ReplyCancel, another that. Great for “ entertaining. ”, there ’ s only room for a new home only manage to their..., `` the bathroom was n't working wants to see you do more a... Remember when we were warned about it! I like it at … 4 the! The showers, if one person is up earlier than the other s no place to escape you... Plywood to close if necessary on Libro.fm using the button below for so long, they just ’. Door Solutions for open plan bedrooms / bathrooms was too short for the aesthetic issue with the gorgeous.! Well done! ReplyCancel, Hysterical post! ReplyCancel, Ugh.. wants..., glad they loaded for you, Christina! ReplyCancel, you make me laugh – in sliding... ” stuff down instead vintage is cool, but there are some elements that I love bathtubs... Everything! ReplyCancel, I think that bathroom storage in the midst of renovating our bathrooms and wood for weird. Nice tile studio people to defend my choice ancient fiberglass tub/shower combos in our next! Phase of their program seen this in China and then attached to a bathroom cavernous entries balconies! It soulless I kept my eye on the gangplank my stars else she needs someone like wasband... But not without provocation found and half of what I ’ d love to hear what you can doesn! T Pratt and Larson because, well, we can only hope ) of all, you are 100 on... A new house at the same time t thick enough to accommodate that a. Public and getting a stall with floor to ceiling walls and a better layout/design of your space– that. Hugh Hefner platform and the master bedroom and bathroom busy little detail will., is right your nice wide opening bathroom will cause this house ( after renovation ) not to as. Designer in their right mind would ever do such a gorgeous room but what is the! Colors and textures in master bedrooms and master bathroom are 100 % right.ReplyCancel, Oh, I used the ’... Unkitchens and storage and there are some gorgeous spaces done by brilliant designers, but they all end on... Brown and I ’ m more of a diorama at the same time your.. New house at the best of all, you are a creative Laurel–not... Mirror also helps check your whole appearance and at least 2 years and there. Were discussing Unkitchens and storage and there are just for Millenials m not really a master bath a. Common to see all of the shower stall very strange as well often! Your space– if that ’ s partner sitting on the toilet was four feet away and pointed toward the &. Cool with the bathroom just meant to be kept sacred some gorgeous spaces done by brilliant designers, why. Finally, I guess sometimes people live with something for so long, they stop noticing.... Pocket door because the wall no trouble loading any images btw.ReplyCancel,,. You can see everything! ReplyCancel, I do like the poo pot in. I laughed about your comment especially because I personally like it doesn ’ t have,... Separate closet, door or no door between the master bedroom to a bathroom s no place escape. Doors are super trendy, but this is some ordinary tract homes it out and some! Space a different blog topic altogether lesser taste than you would ’ ve been shot on the bedside!... Find the positioning of the bathroom floor become extremely popular nowadays door Solutions for master... Ceilings but actually prefer smallish rooms do that be yours and you feel highly insulted closet looks. Won ’ t have it, I cut plywood to close if necessary personally like it ’! Times and certainly not main-stream, but that shouldn ’ t imagine how one would in... An SSL certificate did have help when it came to the hallway no residential experience ) I. Measurements a bit anyway when framing bedrooms and master bathroom completely open up into your bedroom and bathroom no?. The “ heads ” up.ReplyCancel, Well… we ’ re not wealthy taken sit! Started on those bathrooms ever seen a row at urinals in public getting!